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I haven’t written anything here for a while now. It was partially caused by a little mess in my blogs. I had 2 blogs with addresses blog.drogomir.com (for Polish blog) and drogomir.com/blog (for English blog)… I didn’t quite like addresses (hey? which one is in which language?) and keeping them on separate engines (typo and mephisto). Each time I wanted to start new post, I felt that I should change that right away. The problem is, I never had that much will to actually do something and after few minutes of checking solutions I usually stopped without any effects.

Finally I’ve merged my blogs and moved it to current address: piotrsarnacki.com.

The blog is hosted on github with help of jekyll. Jekyll is great so far. Its simplicity is impressive and I don’t have to worry about any server related issues. Layout is borrowed from Tom Preston-Werner’s site (layout is MIT licensed). It helped me start within a few minutes, but I will try to change it in a few days.

Although old RSS feed still works, I recommend to use new one: feeds.feedburner.com/piotrsarnacki. All the feeds available for this blog are:

I deleted some of the posts and marked some as deprecated. I try to not abandon that blog this time and post some new stuff.

On the side note. I have managed to be one of 20 students working on Ruby Summer of Code projects. I will work in the team with Bogdan Gaza on Rails 3 mountable apps and Rails admin panel (I will focus more on mountable apps part and Bogdan will work on rails admin panel). Carl Lerche and Erik Michaels-Ober will be our primary mentors.

I will try to post progress updates on this blog. Stay tuned!

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