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Upload progress script with safari support

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Recently I’ve wrote about apache upload progress module. I work mainly on linux and I haven’t check my scripts on safari. It was working even on IE, what possibly could be harder to obtain? ;-) Some people reported that demo is not working on safari and Michele resolved the problem (thanks Michele :).

Solved! The only thing to do was to open WinXP on VirtualBox and check it on Safari 3. Michele’s solution worked well, but to make it work there must be html page with given structure and javascript. I like “one file” easy to use scripts without any issues with static files :) So what? Create an iframe dynamically, load scripts dynamically, one file, the only thing that user will have to set is path to scripts.

With Safari? No, not really. I’ve wrote it in a few minuttes and checked in firefox. It worked, great, now safari. Nope….

Although Safari have great CSS support, it is really terrible with Javascript. WYSIWYG, javascript history, ajax issues, now the upload progress and iframes. In edge case libraries I often see hacks for IE and safari mainly.

Luckily Apple released Windows version of safari and I can check my scripts and pages on safari. Good… developer tools don’t work, though… I had to do some alert-like IE style debugging ;-) After many hours of trying new more and more insane ways to create iframe and load scripts into it, code with document.write() worked!

Check the commit on github. Lines 18-22 especially. And 28-line issue with safari not waiting to load previous script.

It’s really sad that after working on firefox with firebug or opera with developer tools I have to fight with Safari which is supposed to be modern browser. I know that on Mac developing scripts for safari is easier, thanks to working debug tools, but hey! I work on Linux. Why do I have to run Safari on Wine or VirtualBox, lacking debug tools? It’s a pain. I feel like I’m working on explorer…

I will add prototype version and possibly some usage page shortly (for know look at the demo code).

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